It is certainly possible to find many cheaper translators.
If, however, your focus is not just the bottom line, but an extraordinary quality and a high standard of services rendered; in short: a first-class comprehensive service, we will certainly find a common ground.

My quotes are based on source text word count. After analyzing the text to be translated, I will submit an accurate and binding price, so that you know in advance how much my services will cost. In rather sporadic cases, where source text word count cannot be determined, I charge by the target word count.

I do not overcomplicate the price calculation nor bother the client with any express performance or specialized subject fees, formatting surcharges and the like. If I cannot guarantee a flawless result because of lack of competence in the given field or time constraints, I simply do not accept such projects.

On the other hand, I do not offer any volume discounts nor percent match discounts based on comparisons with used translation memory. The translation of every single word out of a million requires the same attention and effort as the translation of the first one; often even a 100 % match with a translation memory may not represent a correct translation in a specific context. Translation memory and term base management is time-consuming, but it may lead to significant time savings and early project delivery when performed with due diligence.

Proofreading by another translator is always considered in each project proposal. Upon client request, I do provide translations without an independent proofreading. This however must be agreed explicitly. Of course I give the utmost attention aiming at a perfect result to translations without independent proofreading as well, per contra, proofreading is an industry standard and a part of my quality assurance process.

Minimum project price is 25 € (or the equivalent value in USD or GBP).

I invoice and receive payments in the following currencies: CZK, EUR, USD, GBP.

Bank transfer or PayPal payments are accepted.

My invoices are subject to VAT – my VAT No. is CZ8508220072


  • Zbynek is a superbly professional translator. He always performs outstanding work and turns projects in 100% on time.

    Zachary Cummings , Affiliate Coordinator, US Translation Company
  • Tribute to Zbynek's generosity and professionalism shown in the localization of Wikipedia articles into Czech, performed through Translators without Borders. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and reliable translator in our Team!

    Ildikó Santana, Translators without Borders
  • I found Zbynek's translation services to be very reliable, punctual, of high quality and it is a pleasure to work with him, I would highly recommend him.

    Renan Guillory, Babylon Translation Services
  • We have used the translation services of Zbynek for a long time and have always been very happy with the quality of his work. Zbynek has always been easy to work with, reach and communicate with. He is very professional in his business and has always met the deadlines imposed. We take pleasure in recommending Zbynek as a good and reliable translator.

    Jenny Garth, Garth Outdoor Leisure
  • We hereby confirm that Mr Zbynek Taborsky has been working as a freelance translator for GLOBAL TRANSLATE GmbH, an international agency for translations and proofreading. He has been translating and proofreading EU related texts and marketing texts from English/French into Czech. We have experienced Mr Taborsky as very flexible and reliable, always delivering the translations on time. We have always received high quality documents, allowing us to provide our clients with excellent translations. We have no hesitation in recommending Mr Taborsky as a translator and proofreader for the Czech language.

    Bartosz Semklo, Project Manager, Global Translate GmbH
  • Professional, timely and reliable services. We can gladly recommend Mr. Taborsky’s services to anybody who is looking for professional linguistic services from English and French into Czech.

    AK, trusted translation partner based in Europe
  • I can only say one thing about Zbynek: he's a high talented professional. Besides that, working with him is a true pleasure: easy and open communication, he delivers on time. Don't work with him too much, cause I need him to be available for my future work…

    P.V., translation agency owner
  • Pan Zbyněk Táborský s naší společností spolupracuje jako externí překladatel od listopadu 2008. Za tuto dobu pro nás vyhotovil řadu překladů z anglického jazyka do českého v oborech bankovnictví, ekonomie, obchod, politologie, právo aj. Jeho předností je schopnost zpracovat zakázky pomocí různých softwarových nástrojů, jako jsou např. Trados, Passolo, ApSIC Xbench, Wordfast Pro aj. Veškerou práci vykonává ve sjednaném termínu, vše je kvalitně přeložené i graficky zpracované.

    přední česká překladatelská agentura
  • We have been trusting Zbynek for a long time to address our very specific needs in matter of translation, localization, web specs. He always manages to assist us quickly, accurately, and offers the best skills we demand to match our stricts requirements for the czech market. Plus, a nice communication.

    Stephane Trano, Translation & Localization Manager, OLX Inc.
  • It was a pleasure to work with so professional translator as Mr Taborsky. Always delivers top quality translations and always on time. I hope I will have the good luck of working with him again.

    Anna Rozmarynowicz, Client Service Associate, POZENA Translations